Palaima: Time out for you too?

Are you exhausted?
The CPV sponsors your time out

Are you worn out, exhausted, burnt out? Are you longing for some time out? A time to recharge your batteries and breathe deeply; perhaps also to satisfy your spiritual needs?

Perhaps the CPV can help you. How about a time out at the Boutique Hotel “Palaima”?

Together with the founders, owners and operators of the “PALAIMA – Lakeside Retreat”, Karin (police officer with the Kapo ZH) and Stefan Bolliger, the CPV is launching a project with the goal of giving exhausted police officers a time-out. Switch off – gain distance – recharge your batteries.

The CPV is prepared to bear a large part – or even the entire cost – of travel and accommodation for a period of between one and four weeks; we will arrange the details in a confidential exchange between ourselves. Our only concern is to offer help in a difficult situation, in the spirit of the words of Jesus Christ: “Come to me, all you who labor and are almost crushed by your burdens, and I will lift them from you”. (Matthew, 11. 28, NGÜ).

The retreat is located in Anyksciai, Lithuania and offers soothing tranquility, romantic landscapes and first-class ambience. Catering at the hotel’s restaurant is also a delight.
It is 120 km, or a 1.5-hour drive, from the capital city of Vilnius. The flight Zurich – Vilnius takes 2.5 h. More info on the website: Palaima | Anykščiai retreat by the lake

Karin and Stefan Bolliger also support social work in Lithuania. This includes the “House of Hope” for mother and child, where in the summer of 2023 the roof will be completely extended with 10 rooms for women and children in need. Often, meaningful physical activity helps to cure mental exhaustion.

Our offer is addressed to policemen and policewomen from Switzerland who are Christians or at least can identify with the goals of the CPV Switzerland. You show us in a suitable way that a stay in the ” PALAIMA – Lakeside Retreat ” would help you.

Do you feel addressed? Then contact us here:

All inquiries are treated in strict confidence.