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Some people think that personal faith is a private matter that is not talked about at work. But it is precisely the everyday life of the police that challenges our faith: “Whoever puts on the uniform does not have to take off the faith!” That is our credo.

If you feel addressed to support the work of the CPA with your personal
commitment, then do not hesitate to send us your application for membership using this form (link).
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Encourage the important work of police officers in the world of work.


Support police chaplaincy, professional associations and collaborations.


For ethical values in our country and abroad.

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Excerpt from the Statutes, Art. 8

Admission requires attendance and affiliation to a CPA group, as well as personal confession of the biblical faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and recognition of the whole of Holy Scripture as the basis for doctrine and life. According to the possibilities, the member actively supports the aims of the CPA Switzerland and recognises the statutes.



I apply for active membership (annual fee CHF 100.–).

Excerpt from the statutes, Art. 6

2 Active membership of the CPA Switzerland is open to anyone who is or has been employed in a federal, cantonal or communal police force. BAZG since 01.01.2022 Members of customs or border guards, military or railway police are included. Employees of the CPA Switzerland can also acquire membership.



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