Christian and policeman is not a contradiction, is it?

As CPV Switzerland we offer alpha courses for forces (police) for:

  • Police officers who would like to know more about God and faith without obligation.
  • Police officers with a critical attitude towards the church, but who are interested in faith.
  • Police officers who are new to the (church) community or who want to brush up on the basics of the Christian faith.
  • Police officers who believe that there must be more to life.

The course starts with a taster evening, includes a total of 10 evenings, including a weekend, Friday evening to Sunday evening. Course costs are only for the weekend (2 nights full board in a hotel).

The course evenings will be organised in such a way that a question or a topic about the Christian faith will be dealt with on each course evening, followed by a joint evening meal.

If you are interested, please contact us using the contact form.