At the "Marketplace" of the Zurich Police School

This “market place” is THE opportunity for us as the Christian Police Association of Switzerland to make ourselves known to future colleagues.

We were able to use this opportunity again this year and so the board members Sergio, Esther and Tabea set off on 03.06.2022, packed with distribution material and highly motivated, to the new police and correctional centre PJZ Zurich.

For about 2 hours we had the opportunity to present the CPV to about 120 people at a “market stall”. There were many pleasant and interesting conversations about God and the world. Even self-proclaimed critics, either guided by the Holy Spirit or charmed by our board members 😉 got involved in an exciting exchange.

As a result, we were allowed to give away all the police Bibles and “Hautnah” books we had brought with us and actually had too few with us, but were able to send them on immediately with a greeting. Some people also asked for further information about our association.

We are grateful to have been given this opportunity and continue to pray that one or two of the planted seeds will eventually open.